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Dorothy, 90
Young at Heart!
Come meet Dorothy! She's here a couple of days a week!

Topeka LULAC Senior Center

1502 NE Seward Ave

Topeka, KS

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Rufugio, 90
Ladies' man

Refugio Perez has been coming to the LULAC Senior Center for about 9 years, and he comes here everyday of the week! He lived in the Oakland Community, and worked at Santa Fe, and Washburn University before he retire. We all know him here at "Cuco!"  He enjoys going on outings, and visiting with others here at the center. He recently won 1st place on our Senior Center Horseshoe Competition!

Ruby, 78
Easy Breezy

Rudy is a participant of the senior center and has been for the last couple of years. She enjoys visiting, going to the casino, and off-site activities.

Candido, 88
Sweet Talker

"Candy" enjoys coming to the senior center, and loves to tell stories about his native Puerto Rico. He remembers recipes made by his Mother many years ago and explains to staff how to make authenic food from PR!

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