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Time or Talent? We need you!!


Storyteller? Artist? Musician? Interested in hosting a program at the Center? Please call us! 234-5809.            

As you can tell, we're interested in exploring our community! If you would like to invite us to your neck of the woods, just let us know; no formal invitation needed! There's no need to put on airs, we are pretty easily entertained and we make for a courteous and interested group of guests.


At the Topeka LULAC Senior Center, we appreciate donations in many various forms, from craft supplies such as paint, yarn, scrapbook paper, and so on to donuts, coffee and snacks to make our participants' morning a little brighter.


We also gratefully accept monetary donations which will be put to good use funding our various outings and on-site activities. Simply click the 'Donate' button below to use our secure Paypal Payfast Checkout to donate using your Paypal account, credit card, or bank account.


Please think of us the next time you would like to make a donation to a local nonproft.                       If you are unsure if we can we can use an item, give us a call- we're probably interested!                  

Thank you so much for your support!

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Are you a Pro?

Wanna show us how?

The saying 'You learn something new everyday' hasn't been around so long for nothing! If you've got a ​skill you think we could use or would like to share information about a subject you're passionate about, please contact us to come in share.


Do you have Talent?

Wanna show off?


Wether you spin plates, sing in a choir, or your dance troop needs to rehearse in front of a good audience, we would love to have you over! Give us a shout and show us what you've got.

One of the most valuable forms of support community members can provide a small organization like the Topeka LULAC Senior Center comes in the form of volunteering your time and attention. Are you a student? Retired? Maybe you have a skill you would like to teach others, or you provide a service we could use. We welcome anyone interested in volunteering to return a completed application to our office or give us a call for more information.

Easy to do at No Cost to You!



Do you shop for groceries?


If so, simply click the image above to sign up for Dillon's community rewards Cprogram (or sign in if you already participate). Then, choose the Topeka LULAC Senior Center to be the non-profit organization that will receive donations every time you shop at a Dillon's store! Every time you swipe your card at the store, you'll not only recieve points for special discounts, Dillions will donate to the Topeka LULAC Senior Center. It's that easy!

Highlight on LULAC Supporters!


We are fortunate to have many supporters of our Senior Center. On a daily basis we receive donated goods and services which will benefit our senior citizens in the community. Midwest Barber College is one of our partners offering services to our seniors at a very reduced rate to help those social security checks stretch a bit further.

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